Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Blog's History

Dune jumping on vacation when I was 8.
Four years ago I decided to start a blog, after all my sister and mother had one. Why shouldn't I, a boy of eight? So I started, well my mother did and within a few days I had my first post. It was carefully typed, along with the 23 other posts I made before 2009, by the loving hands of my mother. She was my official typist before I learned how to type. For the first few weeks I posted daily, and then weekly, later monthly, finally never. “The Young Naturalist” dwindled into obscurity.
Me, with my kitten David, when I was 8...
My sister's blog had a slightly prolonged version of my blog's fate. So, three years later when she started a new blog, her old one was all but forgotten. Her new blog, “A Child's Privilege” was very nice. It encouraged me to re-try Blogger. I flew right onto the job. I called it many names starting with 'Fins Feathers and Fur,” and finally settling on “Heavenly Light Photography”.
About 2 months ago I decided to freshen-up “The Young Naturalist” as a blog about my life, and here you are reading it. I hope you find it interesting.


Anonymous said...

That is very nicely written did you do that or your mom? If you delete this comment like the other... I will well I will have to think of something to do.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you were on National Geographic Kids MyShot photography site before it closed. Since it closed, we, members from MyShot are trying to find everyone. If so, are you on YourShot or Instagram, or another social media where people from MyShot could connect?

Logan/ PixKid